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Introducing the new concept of eyebrow enhancing products! This 3D fiber formula will give you beautiful and natural looking eyebrows instantly. The fine tip brush attached to the cap twists off easily; simply dip the brush into the case full of fibers and apply to your designated area by stamping the product on.  This is not a colorant. View the demo for a visual presentation. 
Please note: A little bit goes a long way. This product will last multiple applications (varies per individual use and shape or fullness desired)
*Due to the overwhelming demand of this item, this product ships in 7-10 bus days. 
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Capacity (weight) or weight 3g
Product Specifications For all skin types. Do a test patch on skin before applying on eyebrows.
Period of use or after use Expires 3 years after date on product
How to use 1. Make sure to wipe eyebrows with a clean cloth before applying product 2.) Place the appropriate amount on the brush and close the container 3.) Apply the fibers onto the desired area 4.) Use your brush and hand to tidy up your eyebrows 5.) Do not apply a lot at once. Apply a small amount of the appropriate amount, and finish beautifully!
Precautions when Using If abnormal symptoms appear during or after use, it is recommended to discontinue use and consult a dermatologist. Do not use it on a wound. Be careful not to get in your eyes. In case of eye contact, rinse immediately with lukewarm water and consult a specialist. Keep out of reach of infants and children, in direct sunlight. Do not store in cold or hot places.Due to the nature of the product, there is a risk of stopping the contents when exposed to air for a long time, please close the lid immediately after use. Please brush the contents of the container and keep it well after use. If the brush is hardened, please use the tissue and wipe it with warm water.
Country of manufacture Korea
Ingredients Water, alcohol, methacryloyl ethyl betaine / acrylate copolymer, dipropylene glycol AMP-acrylate / diacetone acrylamide, acrylate, silica, PVP.Swertia Japonica extract, phenoxyethanol, aminomethyl propanol, PCA Ethylcocoyl alginate, fragrance, butylene glycol, iron oxide, carbon black, nylon-6
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